A quirky, funny, wisdom-packed story about three warm-hearted misfits coming of age in a future reclaimed by nature.

Fallen Awake

"Fallen Awake is an eloquently written fantasy adventure with deep psychological undertones and accessible depictions of universal truths."
— Jennifer C. Biddle, Ph.D

In a hidden mountain town on the edge of the wilds, a boy named Lumin develops a sudden talent to see others’ secrets on his first day of school. When he's unable to control it, his classmates realize that their most intimate dreads and desires are no longer private.

With the help of his sharp-tongued best friend and an eccentric girl who talks with trees, Lumin fumbles through the troubles his new ability causes and begins to discover deeper secrets about his people and their town.

Together, the friends find cracks in the story they’ve been taught since childhood, expose a plot that involves their own families and face the extreme measures taken by those in power to keep their people's true myth hidden.

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