A quirky, funny, wisdom-packed story about three kind-hearted misfits coming of age in a future reclaimed by nature.

Fallen Awake

"Fallen Awake is an eloquently written fantasy adventure with deep psychological undertones and accessible depictions of universal truths."
— Jennifer C. Biddle, Ph.D

For Ælu, awakening to parapsychic superpowers is normal. But for some reason, those who have fallen awake do not speak of it. At least not to humans or children. Four hundred years in the future, not all people are human, and while some try to revive humanity's pre-apocalyptic grandeur, others expect the Ælu newcomers to spark an epoch of emotional enlightenment. When three eleven-year-olds meet a ghost on the edge of a radioactive wasteland, they find some uncomfortable answers. Now, they can either pretend that nothing happened and try to live in a thriving town like everyone else, or they can grab the mystery by its tail. In a world where human culture is not the apex of evolution, Fallen Awake asks: how do people's minds work and how can humans stop making the same age-old mistakes?

Warning: contains thought-provoking humor, unwavering friendship and mind-broadening viewpoints.

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