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Fallen Awake

A Mystical Coming-of-Age Adventure

A thoughtful and evocative story about finding friendship, courage and self-understanding in a post-apocalyptic future where mystically gifted people live among humans.

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Fallen Awake

"Fallen Awake is an eloquently written fantasy adventure with deep psychological undertones and accessible depictions of universal truths."
— Jennifer C. Biddle, Ph.D

Four hundred years in the future, on a post-apocalyptic earth, the Ælu live in uneasy harmony with humans in the town of Crater. Water, Lumin and Ash, three Ælu eleven-year-olds, are on the verge of their mysterious First Death—the time when an Ælu's mystical power begins to awaken.

Water is different: special according to her mother, strange according to everyone else. A petite girl with long white hair, she easily communicates with plants, yet doesn't understand human emotions or humor.

On the first day at the Academy, Lumin's gift abruptly awakens. His daring best friend, Ash, helps him navigate the tumultuous consequences. Learning to rely on each other, Water and the boys embark on a dangerous journey of self-discovery that will test their courage and wit.

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